Hard Drive Shredding in Indianapolis

Your paper files contain sensitive information, and so does your electronic data. Hard drives are often forgotten as a source of leaked 
private information, and this just makes them all the more tantalizing to identity thieves. To keep you, your family and your business safe, be sure to destroy your hard drives completely before they leave your possession. The destruction of your hard drives and other electronic media is actually required for compliance with Indiana and national privacy laws including HIPAA.

hard drive shredding services in Indianapolis, INTo be sure the information is destroyed, there is no better way than to physically destroy the hard drive. Deleting your files is not good enough—free software exists that allows the extraction of deleted files, so people can still access the information. Luckily, Indianapolis Document Shredding partners offer hard drive destruction services that can be completed on site or at a secure Indianapolis plant. Our contractors shred your hard drives to pieces, and melt down the scraps for metal recycling. This is total destruction.

Hard drives are not only found in computers. Don't forget all of the hidden hard drives in your office. Copy machines and fax machines have hard drives that must be shredded before they are sent off to the recyclers. These devices store digital images of what has been scanned, and those images can be recovered. Magnetic media of all kinds must be destroyed. This includes CDs, tapes, and hard drives.

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