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Residential Shredding in Indianapolis, IN

Over the years you may experience a buildup of paperwork that contains personal and private information. Regardless of whether these are business documents from your work that you keep at home, or if they are personal documents (like old tax returns) that you are ready to get rid of, you must take the proper precautions before you simply throw them out. You should take the same amount of care protecting your identity as you would protect your other large investments.

residential shredding in indianapolis, in

If you wouldn’t want it in the hands of a stranger, it needs to be properly destroyed in order to ensure your safety. If someone were to get a hold of just a small amount of your personal information, it could be devastating to your home and result in lots of time and effort lost to cleaning up your situation.

Identity theft is a huge invasion of privacy, and nobody wants to have to go through the aftermath or cleanup process of having their identity stolen. But if you have a large volume to shred, using a personal shredder can be ineffective and time-consuming. Let us help you with your large paper shredding needs here in Indiana.

Indianapolis Document Shredding contractors will drive right up to your curbside so you don’t have to worry about taking your old records to a separate location. Once a truck arrives, it can either collect your documents and take them to a Marion County facility off-site for you, or it can shred everything right in front of you so that you can personally watch it being destroyed.

Either way, you get a certificate of destruction so that you know everything has been taken care of. Industrial shredding trucks can shred through paper clips and staples, meaning you don’t have to sort through anything. And to add icing on the cake, once the shredding process is done, all of the paper scraps are recycled and reused.

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